Live Exercises

DECIDE® customizable live exercises ensure that your organization, regardless of the sector, is prepared to effectively respond to a wide range of threats. Consider the following options that you can sign up for:


Enables the financial sector to more effectively mitigate attack impacts, manage crises, and deploy recovery and business continuity protocols.

Quantum Dawn Series

DECIDE Platform offers cyber incident response training opportunities tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Custom Exercises

Quantum Dawn Series

Conducted in partnership with Financial Service Sector Coordinating Council and Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)


Quantum Dawn relies on the unique capabilities of the DECIDE Platform to enable fully improved scenarios on a distributed environment

As demand continues to grow with its inception in 2012, Quantum Dawn continues to aid in maintaining smooth function of Financial markets when faced by cyber attacks

Custom Exercises

 Ensuring that your organization can test your response plans as well as, hone your strategic communications and decision-making capabilities

Our experts will craft you an exercise, selecting a scenario and recommending participant roles that will help equip your organization to directly target vulnerabilities


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