Quantum Dawn Program

Fortifying Financial Industry Cybersecurity

Online exercises train and test the ability of an unlimited number of participants operating from their home locations to mitigate attack impacts, manage crises, and deploy recovery and business continuity protocols.

The financial services sector cannot address large-scale cyber-attacks in isolation. Effective coordination and communication among institutions, regulators, and the public is essential to withstand and recover from the realities of a serious cyber-attack. Quantum Dawn provides institutions unparalleled real-time opportunities to exercise their cyber incident response plans and strengthen the financial industry’s collective capacity to address destructive cyberattacks that affect critical systems at multiple financial institutions. Quantum Dawn relies on the unique capabilities of DECIDE® Platform to enable fully immersive scenarios in distributed environments.

History of the Quantum Dawn Series

Quantum Dawn is conducted in partnership with the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).

As demand for the Quantum Dawn series continues to grow from its inception in 2012, additional exercise experiences are being developed, ensuring more financial institutions can participate and train to bolster their response plans.

Developed under a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, DECIDE®’s standard-setting technology allows you to:

Evaluate both institutional and industry-level decision-making, enabling you to rehearse and strengthen your incident response plans

Capture and visualize strategic communications that inform both unmatched situational awareness during the exercise and vital after-action reports

Integrate and test multidimensional behavior across cyber ranges, participating institutions, public sector entities, and participating regulators

Be Ready for the Real Thing

 Learn how Quantum Dawn and DECIDE® can help you withstand cyberthreats and coordinate with industry partners in the face of a cyber incident.