Mission Support Services

Keeping pace with today’s relentless cyber threat environment is a constant challenge. Our tailored mission support services bolster organizational capabilities to proactively manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Our expansive mission support services encompass:

Threat prediction

Communication and coordination visualization

Monthly analytics reports

Vulnerability Analysis/Exploit Development

Evaluating Your Response Capabilities

DECIDE® after-action analysis enables organizations to understand their response capabilities and identify the steps they need to improve their readiness. By assessing decisions that organizations make throughout an exercise, and the impacts of those decisions, after-action analysis highlights the exact moment when your response protocols may break down—and how you can optimize communications and coordination in turn. Additionally, DECIDE®’s Strategic Communications Index aggregates insights and decisions from the exercise, offering a dynamic visual overview of how your organization’s response capabilities compare to peers across the sector.

DECIDE® provides the strategic understanding you need to move confidently into an uncertain future.


Customizable, flexible, and powerful, Mission Support services ensure that your security protocols and response plans are optimized to manage cyber risk and mitigate the impact of any incident.

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