About DECIDE® Platform

Developed with funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the DECIDE® platform has been a trusted cybersecurity live exercise solution for more than a decade. The platform’s unmatched combination of needs-based threat scenarios, strategic analytics, and communications mapping has been proven time and again in distributed sector-wide live exercises, organizational trainings, and in smaller board room settings.

DECIDE® Platform is a trusted solution that equips organizations, critical infrastructure sectors and government with the situational awareness, strategic communications capabilities and digital crisis response playbooks needed to prevail.

Before the inevitable happens and a cyber threat puts you in jeopardy, DECIDE® can help you:

Go beyond technical solutions to test escalated decision-making at multiple levels

Bolster response plans through exposure to real-time threats in a multidimensional environment

Measure response reflexes and capability gaps to improve preparedness for business survival

Exercise response protocols and coordination with critical partners

Increase situational awareness and understanding of how complex cyber incidents unfold

Track and enhance strategic communication within your organization, at the sector level and with external media, law enforcement and regulatory entities

With DECIDE®, real-time and on-demand live exercises conducted in a distributed online environment will equip you to know what to do and who to call when a cyber incident occurs.

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