DECIDE® Capabilities

DECIDE® facilitates hands-on, live exercises that engage human decision-making and communications to drive scenario events and situational developments.

With DECIDE, you gain access to:


Media Artifacts

A robust bank of media artifacts that accompany each live exercise—from briefs and reports to videos and social media posts, ensuring that participants across the sector are prepared to respond in real-time and make strategic decisions



Customized after-action analysis that provide insight on how to counter emerging threats


Real Time Functions

Real-time chat and email functions to track and maintain strategic communications

The DECIDE® Platform is engineered to power a limitless array of live exercise-based scenarios to help decision-makers among critical infrastructure sectors and government to exercise their abilities to effectively prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.

DECIDE® brings actors from across sectors, geographies, and roles together into a distributed environment to participate in critical infrastructure exercises.


In the face of advanced targeted attacks, full protection and a timely response are major challenges. DECIDE® Platform provides a backbone for integrated security and actual strategic communications exercises among internal and external stakeholders that are needed to achieve a sustainable advantage against complex threats.


Engagement in live exercises on the DECIDE® Platform will give you a blueprint on how to improve your response playbook and a roadmap to enhance your overall strategic decision-making capabilities.